I want to chat a bit about the habits of success and how you can change your habits to improve your life.

My saying for 2020 is “anyone can become the CEO of their own life”. This is not a saying just for me, this is something for you as well. If you are wondering what to do to change your life for better this year or at any time life, my solution is simple, become the CEO of your life and destiny. How to do it? How to change your life? How to live the life you want?

Let’s talk about it today.

Read on or check out the video.

Many YouTubers and social media influencers talk about what are their morning habits and what successful people do in the morning. It is most of the time buzzing with the call to wake up very early like 4 or 5 AM, do not use your phone in the first 2 hours of the day, exercise, meditate, journal, make a gratitude list, make a goal list, and many more. What is important with all that is to start a day with a positive attitude.

However, if you are forcing yourself to wake up at 4 AM and then stress and crave for coffee because you haven’t got enough sleep, that is not a good life change.

Don’t get me wrong!

How to change your life?

You can change your life the way you want it, be who you want to be, but you need to do this one step at the time.

The step one I want to tackle today is to change your habits. Habits that you repeating on the daily, weekly or monthly basis. Habits are those rules and attitudes and practices you are doing habitually, you are used to doing them. However, you know well some habits do not fit the lifestyle you would like to have. Those habits need to be destroyed as habits and often become non-existent in your life. Easier said than done, I know it. I’ve been there, done that. And I know changing habits is a time-consuming process.

What do you need to do to change your habits?

5 steps solution

  1. You need to define which habits are not good for you. Which habits you would like to get rid off? Which things you see and know are destroying your way to your dreams? Example: you want to be fit, but you tend to sit on the couch and watch TV daily.
  2. You need to define which habits you would like to acquire in your life. If it is waking up early and exercise daily, do it. If it is something else let me in comments below what would be your new daily habit. give it a try and keep on for a while.
  3. The time you need to stop doing an old habit to cross it off from your habit list, or a time you need to repeat a new good habit to make it truly habitual. Bestselling books and international psychologist say you need 21 days to change the habit, I give 30 days to do that. 30 days to stop doing things you listed in step 1, 30 days to repeat daily actions you listed in step 2.
  4. To make a true change in your life you need motivation. You need to answer the WHY question. Why do you want to quit that habit? Why do you want to do something habitually? Why you want to exercise, meditate or wake up at 4 AM? and the answer because rich and famous do that is not enough motivation. You need to find a WHY which resonates with you and your deepest feeling.
  5. It is the last one and I mention it to make it easy for you to make a change or actually and exchange. It is much easier if with your super motivating why you will exchange a bad habit to a new habit. Instead of watching TV in the evening you will go for a walk. Instead of drinking coffee you will drink green tea. Whatever exchange works for you, use it. When you are getting rid of something in your life and you want to change your life you cannot leave an empty hole in your habits. Put in immediate something new and creative in the place of something you do not want to be your habit any more.

If you seek help to change your life and become the CEO of your own life, book a time slot in my calendar when we could talk about your life change