How to change your life – SECRET for a better life

Let’s talk more about how you can create the life you want and how to change your life for better.

A while ago I wrote about how to change your life by changing your habits? and I gave you a magical million-dollar solution of 5 steps that can help you change your habits to change your life.

However, habits are not the only thing you need to work on to change your life for the better.

If you seek inspiration to change your life. Keep on watching or reading.

What needs to happen in your life so you would be happy and fulfilled? How to change your life to live the dream?

As much as I do not know what is happening in your life right now because we haven’t spoken about it, yet. I can, however, imagine that you are in the point where you realize you can make a change, but not sure which direction to go to. You are not happy with what is going on right now. But you are reaching for help and you popped to my channel and expect the solution. I cannot give you the exact tailor-made support as I would if we worked together. However, I want to ask you an important thing.

What is it that you do in the morning when you wake up?

What is your first action?

What is your first thought?

What is your first feeling?

We are often told we need to wake up early to be able to create the life and business we want. We need to do like the rich and successful people do. But I looked around the successful and rich and their habits differ. Not all of them wake up at 4 AM and meditate with their private guru. Not all of them go running 5K in the early morning. Not all of them eat raw vegetables for lunch.

All of them do what their body needs, all of them wake up and do something that helps them start the day with a positive thought. All of them do something that makes them feel good and that sets a positive attitude for the day.

The important thing is the word POSITIVE.

When you wake up and you snooze your buzzer you end up late and stressed to work.

When you wake up and grab your phone to check work emails you start stressing about lack of time and the number of things you need to do in the office.

When you wake up and start reading your extremely long to-do list you stress yourself there are so many things yet so little time to do it.

When you wake up and let all the troubles that may or may not happen get into your mind before you brush your teeth your day will be all under that stress and negativity the whole time.

That is why it is advised not to watch or listen to the news when you wake up.

That is why it is advised not to use your mobile in the first hours of the day

That is why it is advised to wake up and get up when the buzzer rings for the first time.

Let me give you a couple of tips as to what you can do when you wake up. — thinks that will make your day better
– thinks that will make your life better
– thinks that will build your positive attitude

When the buzzer calls turn it off and immediately turn on the music you like and that has a good sound and positive vibes for you.

When you wake up, smile to yourself, to your spouse, to your kids and pets and neighbour and anybody who is around you

When you wake up, get out of the bed and meditate, or do a yoga sun salutation, or stretch or exercise and whatever other exercises of your choice and keep smiling

When you wake up thinking of things you are grateful for

When you wake up think of things you will achieve today…

… the list can go on, but I want you to find something that makes you smile in the morning

Let me know in comments below what could make you happy when you wake up?

Whatever it is set your day for the positive attitude. Think of good things happening for you. Think TODAY I WILL CHANGE MY DAY, TODAY WILL BE AN AMAZING DAY.

Smile until you will feel the whole your body smiling with you. Feel the positive flow. Not only think it but feel it. Whatever you set yourself for the moments after you wake up.

If you want to change your life and build your powerful, positive brand as an entrepreneur, manager or coach contact me and schedule a free discovery call. Let’s chat about how I can help you to change your life.