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Stand out from the crowd – BE YOU

As a woman and a manager, a leader, a business owner your ability to speak, lead and be the brand is important to be successful.

You have skills needed for the job, you are a hard worker, you are intelligent and knowledgeable, but there is something missing and not letting you achieve what you dreamed about. You are overlooked for promotion and new opportunities seem to pass you by. You look for growth in your career and business.

You should know also this:
- You can be more confident
- You can be more efficient communicator
- You can become a leader your team and business needs

Download the START THE FULFILLED LIFE exercise document and start living the confident life you desire.

It is Your life and only You can make a choice to change it.

1:1 Coaching

You feel you have a potential, but not sure what to do to wake it up and how to use it to be successful.

Let me be your guide on the journey to becoming the most awesome and fulfilled leader - the CEO of Your Life.

1:1 Coaching

Online Club

Packed up with tips, support and sharing CEO of Life Online Club.

Would love to see you there and share your story with me and other ladies who dare to be different who dare to be awesome.

Sounds amazing, I would love to join
Online Club

KeyNote & Motivational Speaker

I am always happy to share her knowledge in form of speech.

I would be also happy to add some fun spark to your event and be your host or panel leader.

KeyNote & Motivational Speaker
Sofia Lezcano Kaiser
Sofia Lezcano KaiserListened to Katy's speech

"Katy is an incredible communicator - she uses the full extent of vocal skills available (volume, pitch, speed etc.) as well as body language to really drive a message home. This works in both corporate as well as more casual settings.

However, what is really amazing is that she can do this with almost any subject! Social policy issues, Accounting & Tax, Entertainment - you name it!

Katy's energy is a wonderful thing to be around. She also has the rare capacity of being able to see not only a 'future vision' but also the steps needed to get there, which makes her a great person to sit down and discuss ideas or plans with."

Joanna Kulbacka
Joanna KulbackaAttended Katy's Workshop

"I had a pleasure to take part in a workshop organized by Katy. Her presentation and teaching skills are remarkable as she is genuine, engaging and professional at the same time - a rare mix.

She presented excellent knowledge of group dynamics as she directed the energy between the participants to make the workshop a valuable and engaging experience, giving us a lot of insight at the same time.

I highly recommend her."

Alexandra Bworkshop and coaching client

I had a pleasure to participate in a workshop organised by Katy. Her presentation and coaching skills are gorgeous. She is full of possitiv energy with professional attitude. I had a lot of fun! She help me to discover my full potential. Katy is highly experienced in her field and she understund that everyone is unique and special."


Stand up and Stand out, be confident women and lead the world.

Weekly tips on how to let go of limitations, build the life of your dreams, and just stand out from the crowd to show the world the awesome woman you are.

Each Tuesday @ 16:15

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