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Hi I am Katy,

transformation and business coach and creator of Fearless Women Academy.

I discovered coaching and the power of finding yourself when I joined a Masters in Business Administration studies. All my fellow students and teachers saw that I am not fit for the desk job in finance I was doing at that time. Thanks to them, I pushed myself through discovering or, being exact, connecting back to my higher self. I figured out what I am good at, what is my passion and how I can combine it into the business.

Waking up my full potential and creativity was the most fantastic thing, and I wish all women could experience it. No matter if you are 19, 27, 32, 47, 52 or even if you are in your sixties, I know you can transform to create the life you love and be happy and fulfilled woman.

Now I am helping women to do the same. Move away from fear and overwhelming life, being overstressed at work to create the life and business they desire. To be finally fulfilled and connected to their needs with confidence. To know what their self-worth is and built their confidence.

Seeing my clients transform their lives and build happy, wealthy and fulfilled lives drives me to wake up each morning motivated to help women reach their dreams with confidence.

On top of it, I am a public speaker who saves people from boring workshops, presentations and speeches. Having another speaker bragging about presenting 44 slides in 1 hour in the way it sounds like an amazing achievement, I just can’t stand it. Any topic can be presented in the funny, active and attractive way. During my workshop, I talk, but I also let you experience and learn in your own time.