How to know it is burnout?

Burnout is something we notice or not, but even if we notice it we are not always able to call it burnout.

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“Sometimes I feel like I am not focused enough, I have too much on my head, I am getting anxious, and then all sorts of fears come to me.

I am not good enough.”

Those were my thoughts jotted down back in May 2013. 

I should have been happy.

I was about to marry a guy I love ❤️ 

I had a good job. ?‍?

I was fit and had a healthy back.

But I sometimes felt a bit empty.

– That is ok

– That is normal

– I feel the same

– you have an excellent life others have worse

Friend and family said

And I listened

But I couldn’t stop thinking that I am not in the right place in my life. That something is odd. Something is not going ok.

Back then, I was taking everything personally. I wanted to change jobs but achieved nothing and get bad about myself. I wanted to pass some accounting exams, and I kept on failing. Did I start taking why? What is happening? Why me? Why can’t I be successful?

I wore black sweatpants to the office as I didn’t feel like wearing something excellent. I put on some weight as I was stress eating all the time. I felt bored with my work and life. I lost focusNothing was fun for me.

But I kept my face up high and smiled.

I did not realise back then that I was about to hit my first ever burnout.

I lost the job, but I found a new one and took a challenge to get to started an MBA because I should not give myself more responsibility and simply forget about what I felt.


If any one of you feel this way, do not wait.

This is burnout, and you can help yourself with the coaching process.

I will continue this story soon, but I want you to reach out to me today if you feel that burnout is near or even if it is just something odd you feel happening to you.

I am here tot help you. Let’s talk.