People who already have a set personal brand are aware of the power of a good picture. People read you when they see you. I am still a beginner on that and, most of the time, I create my own photos. Whenever I feel like it and have something to share, then a selfie on my mobile is definitely my preference. It is a great choice to share this one particular moment that I am in, and the feeling of happiness, success, or pride (or any other emotion) that is painted on my face.

“You want to look professional, take a professional photo,”

someone passing by told me when I took another photo of myself. I don’t mind taking selfies because I feel that they capture the moment, but I thought to myself that it might be good to have a professional photo shoot. You know, in the studio with a professional photographer who would draw out of that moment my professionalism and coach’s confidence. I hesitated for a while, but then I thought, if not now….


When I was walking up the wooden stairs to a blinkblink studio, I felt happy and afraid. I didn’t know what to expect. I know I looked pretty good in pictures and my smile is my power, but I didn’t know how it would be.

I got to the studio and quickly jumped into my suit and we started. I had a bit of a plan, and the girls listened to it brought some great suggestions to the floor. At first, I felt bizarre, like I did the first time I practiced a speech in front of the mirror. Then, it became more natural and fun. I was playing with my hair, my hands, and my shoes until I heard my photographers say, “We got it.”

I was happy, and excitedly waited for the samples from which I would choose some pics.


Once I put my new professional profile picture on my FB page and LinkedIn, people immediately began complimenting it. I knew it was a good choice.

I buy with my eyes, and most people do the same. I would like the world to like and follow me for my knowledge and the work I do, but I see more and more that a picture is a great attracter. If you see what you buy, it is easier to make a choice. As I am my own product as a business edutainer and coach, I will show a picture of me whenever I can. But, it will not be the only part of my message. On the side of that great photo, there is always a story and a lesson.


My lesson for you today is – do not forget that there is power in the way that you look. I already wrote about it in another article. But, don’t forget that a great suit doesn’t make a businessman. It is only a wrapping that can support you in opening the doors that you would like to get through.

Thank you so much ladies!

And if you look for a professional photo check out their website @BLINKBLINKLU


  1. Thanks, Katy. I’ve been thinking about getting a professional photo and your recommendation looks great. I also liked your ideas about the power of the look!

    1. Thank you so much Melissa 🙂

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