Personal Brand is what people say when you leave the room, but what can you do if you are changing the career path? How do you make others see you as a specialist in the business you pursue.

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Today I would like to tell you more about the change of the brand. I had been through it and I know it is not an easy part to move from one career to another. Maybe you already had this moment in your life when you think “I will no longer do the 9-5 job, I will impact people on another level, I have so many ideas, I will become an entrepreneur”.

But people still start calling you on your old job. You are a finance girl, you are that corporate assistant, you are that secretary, you name the job.

Nobody sees you for your new job. The power of the brand you created in past years is strongly embedded when people see you and hear your name. Then you say, but I am a yoga teacher, health practitioner, business coach, fitness coach, again you name it. How to make it sound well in other people’s head?

What is your Personal Brand?

First of all, write down exactly what is your new personal brand about and what would you like to achieve. Write as much as you can. Write as detailed as you can. Start sentences with I can, I do and I am.

Why? you should know

Second of all, find your “why.” Why is it that you moved to a new job? Is it to be aligned with your values, to help people, to change the world or to help the environment? You need to have the exact why defined so that when people wake you up in the middle of the night, you will know exactly what to say.

Become a Story

Third of all, you need to have a story. It should be something you will tell people to engage with them or something they can relate to and feel your pain of work in the corporate job 9-5. Something they will use to get to know you.

The Brand needs a VOICE

The fourth tip is that, (I am not even sure it is ok to say like this) you need to give your new brand a voice. Make it speak for itself both offline and online. Simply talk about it. Share what you do online in the form of pictures, articles and videos (yes videos are a hit lately). Share it offline also at each networking event or party you go to. If you are at the airport and start talking to a stranger, also waiting for the flight, tell him/ her what you do and the struggle you fix. You never know, maybe he/she is your potential customer.

I can, of course, help you with all that. Working on your Personal and Company Brand is a part of the 90DAYS COACHING PROGRAM.

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