I know I had been shy this year with videos on YouTube and seriously not serious about my channel. Since 27 December 2019, I sort off disappeared, but I needed time for myself to figure things out.

2020 is a big number for many people. Some say a new decade a new beginning to get on top things.

I simply got overwhelmed, scared, terrified of what I can achieve, and most of all terrified that I am doing something wrong. Simply I felt like not good enough for the job.

However, as I am a coach I quickly got up and running with my planning for this amazing year.

Check out my first Youtube video for 2020 or keep on reading.

You just got to believe me

I got to admit I even recorded the video I wanted to post on 2nd January. You just got to believe me. that is was connected to achieving goals. It was a very motivational video with high vibration and positivity. I uploaded it, but then an imposter syndrome jumped in my head. I realised I am not good enough.

And today,

I guess,

I want to talk with you about that “I am not good enough” part. Something that might be popping in your head sometime as well.

“I am not good enough”

I want to tackle this “I am not good enough” judgment. The feeling that occurred at the start of the year. The feeling that is visiting you as well. No matter how great things you achieve, how many things you tackle, how high grades you get you still can feel not good enough.

Let’s change it today.

As a female, you are strong and able to achieve great things, but you are also an emotional ball. There is a moment when we achieving a lot and we feel great, we got the money, we expand the business, we grow in the corporation and we expect more from ourselves than from others. Then we feel overwhelmed, scared, stressed, overworked and … yes, not good enough.

The inner critic is coming out from a shell and putting you down.

It doesn’t need to be like this.

I have 2 exercises for you.

First is for everyday practice. I mentioned it already a while ago, however, I will repeat it as it is crucial to make it your daily habit (as brushing your teeth or drinking coffee). I want you to pause this video not and comment below what is that you have achieved today. And daily, I want you to wire down from 1 to 5 successes point or goals achieved during the day. Get yourself a special notebook for it and write it with your handwriting to give it a bigger meaning.

Now stop reading and write down you today’s achievement. and if you like you can share it in the comments below.

Comment done, welcome back.

Let me tell you about the second exercise.

Who is your inner critic?

This one is about your inner critic.

I want you to describe it.

Who he/she is?

What age?

How does it look like?

What your inner critic’s voice sounds like?

Once you know all about him/her whenever the voice gets on to say

“Thank you for noticing”

and keep on doing what you are best at. Go to achieve another goal.

Believe me, you are not the only one who feels not good enough. I have those moments too. Moments that could stop m from taking great action. But I know how my inner critic looks like, I hear him, I acknowledge his existence, but I do not let him worry me too long.

And if you want to work on your inner critic and finally feel like good enough book a free discovery session with me and see for yourself how you can become a CEO of your own life.