I keep on my mission to create more women who are CEO. And not any type of CEO but CEO of your own life.

One of the things that the CEO needs to do is to achieve goals. I want to chat a bit more about your 2020 goals and your motivation.

It is up to you if you want to read more below or jump to YouTube to learn my motivation goals from the video.

YOU and YOUR SMART goals

You set all your goals, they are smart, have deadlines, and those are your big dreams, but you got intimidated by them. Maybe those were too big goals – you thing, or it was too crazy to think you can do it.

Let me remind you of an old saying: “whatever your mind will think of, can be achieved”.

That being said let’s find your motivation to make it happen.

3 STEPS to achieve any goal

First of all standard 3 steps that I recommend to my family, friends, clients and today also to you. Then I will give you my solution as to how to motivate yourself to achieve those intimidating, big goals.

Step 1
Write down your goal in the full sentence and keep it in a visible place. and yes, it can be hidden in your closet (if you are afraid to show it to the world yet), and if that closet is, of course, the one you open daily to pick up your wardrobe.

Step 2
Visualisation! That is not only about sitting down meditating and seeing yourself achieving. It is about feelings. Ask yourself: How will you feel when you will achieve the goal? What do you feel when you think about the path to this goal? Why achieving it is so important for you? How does your body feel when you think about getting to that goal and having it in your life? all those questions or actually all answers to those questions will put you in the right vibration and connect with your initial WHY? Why you wrote down this goal in the first place.

Step 3
It is even more about your why. If you listed your goals but have not idea why you want to achieve them, believe me, no matter what I will say you will not want to take action to reach this goal. Let me tell you a bit about one of my goals. The goal is connected to my health and body. It is that I weight 70 kg before my summer holidays start, that would be July 2020. It is a very SMART goal Specific, Measurable, Achievable, realistic and the time deadline is set. However, to move mu but, and I truly and physically mean to move my body, move my but and exercise, I need something more. and that is my motivation, my why?

In this case my why is to fit my pre-pregnancy trousers, look great in a bikini, have a healthy body, feel strong and fit, and the most important have no more troubles with my back. My why is a fulfilling my set goal. I keep both together, so when I read as in step 1 my goal I also read my step 3 that is the “why” it is worth to put work and achieve this goal. It all helps to do step 2 that is visualising myself healthy and feeling good in my body.

my motivation secret

We got all 3 steps and now I will share with you my ultimate solution to stay motivated in achieving the big goal.

Coming back to the weight loss. This is actually a huge goal. because it means loosing over 20 kg because it means committing time to exercise because it means to avoid sweet things, which I love. It could be super hard and almost impossible. But it is a lot easier when I divide it to steps, small steps, sort of small goals. That is exactly what I want you to do. If you feel your goal is big and almost impossible to achieve divide it. Split it into small steps. Make it into little things, little achievements you could tick of quicker. Instead of one huge goal, have 10 tiny goal steps that will make you closer to the big goal. Write those tiny step goals in your calendar, so you will know it is time to take action on those.

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