“an incredible communicator … uses the full extent of vocal skills available (volume, pitch, speed, etc.) as well as body language to really drive a message home…”

“…the word boring  does not exist in Katy’s dictionary, we were all ears and body engaged it every word”

“I have goosebumps every time she starts her storytelling and I always look forward to more”

Fields expertise of:

Personal Branding

What personal brand really is? – Why does it matter? – How to use the power of the brand? – How to expand the power of the brand? – LinkedIn as a platform for business and personal brand power. – Personal branding for Entrepreneurs, Mumpreneurs,  Business Owners and Executives

Team Development

Motivational speech – How to exceed your own expectation? – How to overcome your business fear? –  client’s communication – the power of walking the floor – the power of saying NO


How to motivate the team? –  Dealing with team dysfunctions – Be a true leader – Manager as a coach – Change Management – Manager vs Leader

Katy Inspires People around Europe

Challenge Katy…

The last topic I was challenged with was “The influence of paint name on clients’ choices” it was amazing to learn more about paint and how client choose the colour when they renovate their house.

Let me know what is your topic and I would be happy to prepare an engaging speech about is and deliver it to your team or clients.

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