Would you like to train your mangers and build highly motivated teams?

Would you like to increase their effectiveness and communication skills?

Would you like to help them help the company to build effective teams and reaching peak performance?

Becoming a manager is an exciting and responsible time in one’s career.

Working as a team leader is a responsibility to the company and the team.

I know you chose the best specialists in their field. But have you reviewed and trained their managerial skills?

Often managers receive little or no leadership preparation before they step in their new role. They do not know how to develop their managerial skills, how to communicate and motivate their teams.

A sports coach training a beginner to successfully run a marathon knows it takes 6 MONTHS to prepare. Six months to plan and work on the necessary skills, both mental and physical.

A runner has to have the mental stamina to keep going and have the knowledge of when to turn on the final sprint.

Managers and runners both have the need to achieve BIG goals.

That is why I created:



6 months program

– provides 6-8 tailor-made workshops

– 1-to-1 coaching sessions every two weeks

follow up emails to support team building

The Managers Marathon is the programme created for all managers who would love to create impact and motivate their teams. It develops a basic understanding of how to be a manager and how to be a leader. It helps them learn how to communicate effectively with their team, how to recognise their team member’s potential. It also builds their confidence in their role and an understanding of how others work. They become true brand ambassadors of your company.


– develop key people and processes management skills

– build self-leadership development

– building coaching skills

– develop better communication

– reaching peak performance

– manage time in the fast pacing business world

Manager’s Marathon workshop topics to choose from:

  • Who is a manager? Who is a leader?
  • Self-leadership workout
  • Manage processes, lead the people
  • Speak, Lead, Build the Trust – Manager as a communicator
  • Communication and work styles
  • Time management
  • Know your team
  • Coaching as a managerial style
  • Emotional Intelligence in management
  • First-time manager development