My name is Katy Dyzewska I am a Business Coach and Trainer (Edutainer).

I save people from boring workshops, presentations and speeches. Having another speaker bragging about presenting 44 slides in 1 hour in the way it sounds like an amazing achievement, I just can’t stand it. Any topic can be taught in the funny, active and attractive way. During my workshop, I will talk, but I will also let you experience and learn in your own time.

The first step to change my life and follow my dreams was to pursue a Masters in Business Administration studies. There I quickly confirmed the feeling I always had, that the great business means great people. I learned a lot from my fellow students. I also realized that my life mission is to support people in achieving their goals and making their dreams true. How better to do it then via speeches and workshops.

Today I am a holder of a Master’s Degree in Economics and a Masters in Business Administration. I am also a certified Business Trainer and Coach. I still keep in touch with the finance world, when I provide workshops, coaching, and motivational speeches to the corporate teams. However, most of my work I focus on supporting business owners and managers like you. I am here to help you to build the business and strong communication of your brand. Why? Because, during the 10 years of my career in the financial sector, I realized there is more I can do in my life than reports. Because joining my academic knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur I know how much it takes to become a successful business owner.